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Stufful: Why did Team Rocket want to protect Stufful anyway?
During a plot by {{TRT}} to steal the Pokémon at Aether Paradise in ''[[SM096|Don't Ignore the Small Stufful!]]'', Stufful met and became attached to [[Jessie]], although it refused to be caught. When Bewear came to pick up Team Rocket, Bewear recognized Stufful as its child and took them all back to its den. While doing so, it allowed Stufful to spin a helicopter blade that would allow them to fly.
In [[SM122]], [[Matori]] arrived in Alola to bring Bewear back to Kanto. However, she instead decided to capturetake Stufful instead. Team Rocket, having realized this, disguised Meowth as Stufful, and Matori took the bait. Bewear eventually rescued Meowth.
====Personality and characteristics====