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Mr. Mime (Pokémon)

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Game data
[[File:Mr. Mime Detetcive Pikachu.jpg|thumb|250px|Mr. Mime in ''{{mov|Detective Pikachu}}'']]
===''{{mov|Detective Pikachu}}''===
A Mr. Mime appeared in ''{{mov|Detective Pikachu}}'', where it was encountered by {{OBP|Detective Pikachu|character}} and [[Tim Goodman]] at [[Ryme Wharf]] while they were searching for the source of the [[R]] substance. Having previously been interrogated by Tim's father [[Harry Goodman|Harry]] and Detective Pikachu before, it tried to mime an escape but was unsuccessful. GoodmanTim and Pikachu then tried interrogating it, but it taunted them and used [[{{m|Barrier]]}} to shield itself from any other questioning. This prompted Tim to try and "get inside its head", and he mimed opening the door to Mr. Mime's "room" and, pouring gasoline on it, and threatening it with a mime lighter. The Mr. Mime relented and revealed that it had gotten the R from the "roundhouse", an illegal [[Pokémonfight battle | Pokémon battling]] ringclub owned by [[{{OBP|Sebastian (|Detective Pikachu) | Sebastian]]}}. In their excitement, Tim accidentally dropped the mime match"lighter", much to the Mr. Mime's horror.
==Game data==
===NPC appearances===
* {{g|Stadium 2}}: Mr. Mime stars in its own minigame called "Barrier Ball." [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}s appear on the field and by using Mr. Mime's Barrier, send the Poké Balls to the other player's fields.
* [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series|Pokémon Mystery Dungeon]]: [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness|Explorers of Time, Darkness]], and [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky|Sky]]: During the post-game, after graduating, a few days later, Mr. Mime will appear in [[Treasure Town]], saying that a famous {{p|Scizor}} has been trapped in a dungeon called [[Blizzard Island]]. After, Mr. Mime will remain in Treasure Town. In Explorers of Sky, it also appears before the post-game as a regular visitor of [[Spinda's Cafe]].