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Pikachu has demonstrated a great talent for mimicking Pokémon, altering the look of his physical features to match another Pokémon's appearance. He will occasionally use this talent to specify what Pokémon or person he is talking about. These imitation skills were notably put to use during the [[Pokémon Dress-Up Contest]], where Pikachu was able to thrill the audience without the need for a costume or make-up.
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File:Pikachu imitating Brock.png|{{an|Brock}} imitation from ''[[Snow Way Out!]]'' (Pikachu closes his eyes)
File:Pikachu imitating Squirtle.png|{{AP|Squirtle}} imitation from ''[[PK03|Kanga Games]]'' (Pikachu's eyes become large and his mouth becomes wide)