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Focus Blast (move)

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In the anime: Heliolisk is incorrectly labelled as Lopunny
==In the anime==
{{moveanime|type=Fighting|exp=yes|gen=A ball of light-blue energy is formed between the user's hands. The ball is then shot at the foe.|image1=Clemont Heliolisk Focus Blast.png|image1p=LopunnyHeliolisk|image2=Korrina Machoke Focus Blast.png|image2p=Machoke|image3=Scrafty Focus Blast.png|image3p=Scrafty|image4=Paul Ursaring Focus Blast.png|image4p=Ursaring}}
{{movep|type=fighting|ms=217|pkmn=Ursaring|method=Ursaring puts its hands together and creates a light blue ball of energy. It then fires it at the opponent, or Ursaring puts one of its hands back and a light blue ball of energy forms in front of it. It then brings its arm forward and throws the blast at the opponent.}}
{{movemid|type=fighting|user=Paul's Ursaring|startcode=DP051|startname=Glory Blaze!|notes=Debut}}