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Then, after purchasing some Poké Balls at [[Outskirt Stand]], the player returns to Phenac City, only to find it taken over by some thugs. The player tries to rescue the Mayor, but finding the decked-out [[Miror B.]] and his mischievous friends in his wake. The player's partner identifies the first Shadow Pokémon available for capture after entering a battle with Miror B.'s underlings, [[Folly]] and [[Trudly]]. After beating both in a battle, and/or capturing the Shadow Pokémon, the player tries to leave the city for [[Pyrite Town]], but is waylaid by brightly clad goons at each exit. Each has a Shadow Pokémon, but defeat of one will cue the others to leave.
From this point, the player and partner will journey all across the [[Orre]] region, battling Trainers, snagging Shadow Pokémon, and uncovering the disastrous plan of the secret organization, [[Cipher]]. This shady group and its ambitious admins are the creators of Shadow Pokémon, closing their hearts to strengthen their stats. The player eventually learns how to reverse the effects of this process, and must capture all of Cipher's Shadow Pokémon to thwart the evil mastermind behind it all. After defeating [[Miror B]] in [[Pyrite Cave]], [[Dakim]] in [[Mt. Battle]], [[Venus]] in [[The Under]] and [[Ein]] in the [[Cipher Lab|Shadow Pokémon LabLaboratory]], the player goes to [[Realgam Tower]]; after defeating the {{tc|Cipher Admin|Admins}} again, [[Gonzap]] comes out and reveals that Cipher gave [[Team Snagem]] the [[Snag Machine]]s; and that Snagem gave the Pokémon to Cipher, who created Shadow Pokémon; meaning that this was all one master plan hatched by Cipher. After defeating Snagem, [[Nascour]]—the boss of [[Cipher]]—is defeated by the player. Afterwards, it is revealed that [[Phenac City]]'s mayor [[Es Cade]] is actually [[Evice]], the true boss of Cipher. After he is defeated, he tries to escape; however, fortunately, a {{p|Ho-Oh}} uses {{m|Sacred Fire}} to stop him, saving the day.
Even with the true leader of Cipher under arrest, there is still a post-ending to be completed. [[Secc]], from the [[Kids Grid]], emails the player information about some interesting characters who end up telling the player about some points of interest. Eventually, the Snagem Hideout becomes available for exploration, the Shadow Pokémon Laboratory gets some Cipher refugees to battle, and a hidden Stadium in the Under is brought to the player's attention. Lastly, after all the Shadow Pokémon are snagged, the player will be notified of a Trainer that is attacking people with another Shadow Pokémon, who supposedly looks just like the player. After the copy's defeat, there are still Colosseum battles to be won and a Ho-Oh to be obtained in Battle Mode.
In Phenac City, the player is given a choice between {{p|Bayleef}}, {{p|Quilava}}, or {{p|Croconaw}}. The other two will be available later in the game, after the credits roll. The Pokémon whose type is weak to the chosen Pokémon's type will be at the [[Snagem Hideout]] and the Pokémon whose type is strong against the chosen Pokémon's type will be at the [[Cipher Lab|Shadow Pokémon Laboratory]].
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