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In the anime
|epname=Young Kiawe Had a Farm!
|enva=[[List of English voice actors‎‎|Tamir Cousins-Ali]]
==In the anime==
Rango debuted in ''[[SM011|Young Kiawe Had a Farm!]]'', where he was seen at his familiesfamily's home at [[Paniola Ranch]].
He appeared during a flashback in ''[[SM034|A Crowning Moment of Truth!]]'', where he was with Kiawe and Sima as they all visited a festival on [[Akala Island]], where Trainers get their Pokémon to wear the Wela Crown (Japanese ヴェラの冠 ''Crown of Wela'').
In ''[[SM070|The Young Flame Strikes Back!]]'', the future of the ranch came under threat by a businessman named [[Viren]], who wanted to turn it into a hotel. The ranch was saved when [[Officer Jenny]] arrested Viren for forging land owner documents, following his defeat by {{TP|Kiawe|Marowak}}.
Rango appeared during a flashback in ''[[SM087|Filling the Light with Darkness!]]'', where Kiawe revealed that he had been sleeping due to the effects of a {{DL|RecurringLight wild Pokémon in thetrio (anime)|Necrozma}}, whilst he and Mimo worked on the farm.
In ''[[SM093|Lillier and the Staff!]]'', Rango watched Kiawe perform in the school play.
Rango appeared in the [[Poké Problem]] segment of [[SM136]], where he picked Mimo up from [[Manalo Stadium]] after she watched Kiawe's {{pkmn|battle}} against {{an|Gladion}}.
==In the games==
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|en=[[List of English voice actors‎‎|Tamir Cousins-Ali]]
|fi=Aku Laitinen ([[SM011]])<br>Peter Pihlström ([[SM070]])
|pl=Karol Wróblewski