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Pokémon GO: Putting Special Moves in a table
=====Special moves=====
During the January 2018 [[Community Day]] and December 2018 Community Day Celebration, newly obtained {{pUser:SnorlaxMonster/GOLearnlist/Special/head|Pikachuwater}} (caught or evolved from {{p|Pichu}}) would always know {{m|Surf}} as their first Charged Attack.
{{User:SnorlaxMonster/GOLearnlist/entry|025|Pikachu|January 2018 [[Community Day]]|January 20, 2018|type=Electric}}
{{User:SnorlaxMonster/GOLearnlist/entry|025|Pikachu|December 2018 [[Community Day]] Celebration|November 30, 2018 – December 2, 2018|type=Electric}}