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Lent to Emerald
|desc={{p|Blissey}} is used during Emerald's battle against the Frontier Brain, Lucy. She goes up against Seviper and, although she is able to deliver the first attack, Blissey is poisoned by Seviper's {{m|Poison Fang}}. Emerald could not heal her with a Berry, but he is able to switch her out with Starmie, activating her Ability. Later, she is knocked out by Seviper but left a special surprise for Lucy afterward.
Blissey's known moves are {{m|Seismic Toss}}, {{m|Softboiled}}{{tt|*|used off-panel}}, and {{m|Heal Bell}}, and {{m|Rest}}{{tt|*|Not used, just mentioned in the Pokédex}}, and her Ability is {{a|Natural Cure}}.}}