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Safeguard (move)

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Generation V onward
===Generation V onward===
Safeguard no longer prevents allies from being confused by a {{b|Figy}}, {{b|Wiki}}, {{b|Mago}}, {{b|Aguav}} or [[Iapapa Berry]] (regardless of whether it is consumed as a held item, via {{m|Fling}}, or via {{m|Bug Bite}} or {{m|Pluck}}). Safeguard no longer prevents allies from being {{status|burn}}ed or {{status|poison}}ed by a held [[Flame Orb]] or [[Toxic Orb]]. Safeguard now protects the user from being inflicted with a status condition by making contact with a Pokémon with the Ability {{a|Effect Spore}}, {{a|Static}}, {{a|Flame Body}} or {{a|Poison Point}}. ItSafeguard iscan be bypassed by a Pokémon with {{a|Infiltrator}}.
If powered up by a [[Normalium Z]] into Z-Safeguard, the user's {{stat|Speed}} stat is raised by one stage.
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