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Run Away (Ability)

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{{MoveResearch|Does it allow wild Pokémon with Teleport, roaming Pokémon, and the initial Nihilego to bypass trapping moves and Abilities}}
===In battle===
A Pokémon with this Ability can always [[escape|flee]] and use {{m|Teleport}} successfully, regardless of {{cat|trapping moves}} and {{cat|Trapping Abilities|Abilities}} (including {{m|Ingrain}} and {{cat|binding moves}}). This Ability has no effect on [[recall|switching out]]. Run Away does not guarantee escape in the [[Battle Pyramid]], but if a Pokémon with this Ability successfully flees, this escape will be credited to Run Away.
In Generations III and IV, when the player's Pokémon with Run Away faints in a wild battle, if the player attempts to flee instead of sending out another Pokémon, they will escape without fail. FronFrom Generation V onward, escape is no longer guaranteed in this situation.
Until Generation V, when activated, the message "'''<Pokémon name> escaped using Run Away!'''" will appear. From Generation V onward, a banner with Run Away shows up instead.