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Pokémon GO: adding a clarification for cases of Shiny forms not registered in dex
===Pokémon GO===
[[FIle:Trade GO.png|thumb|200px|Trading in Pokémon GO]]
In {{g|GO}}, players are able to trade with registered {{OBP|friendsFriends|GO}}. Both Trainers must be at least [[Trainer level|level]] 10 and have the required amount of {{OBP|Stardust|GO}} to trade. [[Mythical Pokémon]] (except {{p|Meltan}} and {{p|Melmetal}}), Pokémon marked as the player's favorites, [[Buddy Pokémon]], Pokémon not at full HP, or Pokémon defending a {{OBP|Gym|GO}} cannot be traded. Pokémon that have previously been traded once before also cannot be traded. Trades can only be initiated if both traders are within 100 meters of each other, and a player can make at most 100 trades per day.
With the trade, players also receive [[Candy]] of the Pokémon that was traded away. The greater the distance between the locations where the two Pokémon were obtained, the greater the Candy yield.
|- style="background:#fff"
|Legendary Pokémon<br>Shiny Pokémon{{tt|*|If recipient already has Shiny form registered in the Pokédex}}
|Cannot trade
|- style="background:#fff"
|Legendary Pokémon<br>Shiny Pokémon{{tt|*|Including if recipient already has species registered but not its Shiny form}}
|Cannot trade