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Ambrella first ventured into [[Pokémon]] with [[Hey You, Pikachu!]], released for the [[Nintendo 64]] in 1998. They followed this up with [[Pokémon Channel]] for [[Nintendo GameCube]] in 2003. They also released games for [[Nintendo DS]], such as {{g|Dash}}.
More recently, Ambrella developed [[My Pokémon Ranch]] and [[Pokémon Rumble]], which were released on the [[Wii]] as WiiWare. They have continued developing games in the [[Pokémon Rumble series]], with {{pkmn|Rumble Blast}}, {{pkmn|Rumble U}}, {{pkmn|Rumble World}}, and {{pkmn|Rumble WorldRush}} having since been released.
* [[Pokémon Rumble U]] ([[Wii U]])
* [[Pokémon Rumble World]] ([[Nintendo 3DS|3DS]])
* [[PokélandPokémon Rumble Rush]] (iOS, Android)