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Kukui and Olivia inform the students that, as part of their daily curriculum, they will be divided into three teams, provided with maps with some basic information, to fetch all the ingredients that are essential to prepare the island's years-old delicacy: the Akala curry. {{an|Kiawe}} and {{an|Lillie}} are paired, followed by {{an|Lana}} and {{an|Sophocles}}, and lastly, Ash and {{an|Mallow}}. The three items Ash and Mallow are to collect are [[Mago Berry]], [[Revival Herb]] and [[Miracle Seed]]. Mallow is excited and states that Miracle Seeds are exceedingly rare. As Ash and Mallow begin to leave, Olivia calls Mallow back and shares some secret with her, unbeknownst to Ash.
First, they decide to collect a Mago Berry. According to the map, the tree can be found at a nearby hilltop, which Ash quickly locates. Mallow and Ash venture up the hill, but when Ash wakes the sleeping group of {{p|Fomantis}}, the angry Fomantis attack with a combined {{m|Leafage}} attack, forcing them to retreat. With the group of Fomantis standing guard between themselves and the Mago Berries, Ash decides to send a half-sleepy {{AP|Rowlet}} for the job, who can fly silently to the summit and collect the berry. But the plan proves to be ineffectual, when it falls asleep midway. Seeing no other alternative, Ash and Mallow carefully tiptoe to the summit, but unfortunately get struck by a {{p|Parasect}}'s {{m|Stun Spore}} on the way. ByAsh comicallyand holdingPikachu theirnearly breathsneeze, but they manage to preventhold antheir almostbreath, unavoidablecomically sneezeinflating their cheeks. Mallow and Steenee see this and try to hold in their laughter, also getting comically inflated cheeks. The sound starts to anger the Fomantis and seeing this, the group quickly get on their way to the Mago Berry. Just as they reach the summit, Ash trips over and falls flat on his face. As everyone laughs, all the Fomantis become enraged and fire Leafage and {{m|Solar Beam}} collectively at them. Ash is sent flying, and crashing downhill, but fortunately, with the Mago Berry clasped tightly in his hand.
The next ingredient is a Revival Herb, that can be found at a nearby rocky mound. Although this task initially appears difficult, Pikachu quickly locates the Revival Herbs using his acute sense of smell. With a little effort, Mallow and Ash squeeze themselves inside the narrow grotto and collect the herbs.
The final ingredient is the rare Miracle seed. The group venture off into a cave with multiple tunnels branching off at every juncture. At one point, Ash falls into a pit made by Alolan Diglett, who quickly attacks and forces the group out of the tunnel. Ash then finds a whisker of an Alolan Diglett which allows {{AP|Rockruff}} to navigate the right way out while avoiding the Alolan DigleetDiglett living in the cave.
Once they leave the cave, the group find themselves amidst a paradise of colorful flowers and lush foliage. Ash and Mallow find a hollow tree stump, inside which, a wide variety of berries are stacked. Digging into the pile, Ash finds the Miracle Seed. But their celebration is interrupted when a colossal Pokémon swats them away with {{m|Petal Blizzard}}. [[Rotom Pokédex (anime)|Rotom]] identifies it as {{p|Lurantis}}, the Bloom Sickle Pokémon, but its size tells Ash that it is a [[Totem Pokémon]].