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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
Due to not possessing a Z-Ring yet, Sun is forced to borrow Kiawe's Z-Ring, but it is destroyed by Gladion's Type: Null before he can receive it. Gladion reveals that he was forced to forfeit the Iki Town tournament due to Hala discovering that Sun obtained a Sparkling Stone from Tapu Koko. Although Gladion claims that Sun wouldn't have won even with the Z-Move, a voice appears and points out that if Gladion truly believed that, he wouldn't have destroyed Kiawe's Z-Ring. The voice is revealed to be [[Kahili]], who uses her Pokémon to attack Type: Null before sending Sun a Z-Ring created by Hala. Sun puts on the Z-Ring and prepares to use it to defeat Gladion.
In ''[[PASM13|Unleashing the Incredible Z-Move]]'', the attack succeeds, causing Type: Null's mask to start breaking. Gladion, fearing what would happen if the mask shatters completely, switches out for his Porygon. Sun attempts Inferno Overdrive again, but the attack fails, leading to Dollar's defeat. Gladion decides to give up on capturing Tapu Lele, calling it too weak to help him fight the mysterious creatures. Gladion reveals that the cracks in the sky are not an opening but an exit, and that something must be trying to break free into their world.
In [[PASM14]], Gladion traveled to [[Po Town]], Team Skull's base of operations. There, he was attacked by the Team Skull Admin, [[Plumeria]], who wanted to see if Gladion was skilled enough to be an Enforcer. Though Gladion proves to be strong enough for the role, his negative attitude angers Plumeria to the point where she refuses to accept him as a true member of Team Skull. When Plumeria tells Gladion to follow her, Gladion complies, but is momentarily distracted when a {{p|Zygarde}} {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Zygarde|Core}} jumps past him.