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In the games
Ilima later appears as the player's guide to their first trial in Verdant Cavern.
After clearing [[Hala]]'s grand trial{{sup/7|SM}}/becoming the {{pkmn|Champion}}{{sup/7|USUM}}, the player can visit the second floor of his house in the [[Hau'oli City]] Shopping District, where Ilima is in his room. He says he is researching on Pokémon battling, and brings the player to the Trainers' School, where he battles the player.
In {{pkmn|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}, Ilima can be fought at [[Hau'oli Cemetery]] during [[Mina]]'s trial to earn the [[Orange Petal]]. In addition, after the player has defeated him in a battle during the post-game, he will give the player [[Ilima's Normalium Z|a piece of Normalium Z]] to be delivered to Verdant Cavern for new trial-goers. When the player tries to place the Z-Crystal on the pedestal in Totem's Den, the [[Totem Pokémon]] of Verdant Cavern will challenge them to a [[rematch]]. After the Totem is defeated, the player can place the Z-Crystal on its proper place.