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As the group walks along a path in the middle of a forest, {{an|May}} expresses her excitement about the upcoming [[Saffron City]] [[Pokémon Contest]], which {{Ash}} says that she'll do great in. May talks about the exciting new challenges she will face in [[Kanto]]'s [[Contest Hall]]s, and a vision of [[Drew]] appears in her mind to remind her that she is not alone in her dream. Suddenly, {{TP|May|Munchlax}} pops out of its [[Poké Ball]], starts to smell something delicious the air, and then runs off in search of its source. May tells Munchlax to slow down, and runs off after her Pokémon. Meanwhile, {{TRT}} is seen slowly walking through the same forest, tired and starving. [[Jessie]] and [[James]] fall to the ground, and Jessie complains how much hard work it is tracking Ash and {{ashfr}}. However, their attention is brought away from Ash as Jessie spots what appears to be a restaurant not far away. The three villains instantly run towards the building, excited at the thought of all the delicious food before Jessie stops them and reminds James and {{MTR}} that they have no money. James and Meowth, unable to stop in time, slam straight into the restaurant's door and fall dejectedly onto the floor. The door opens and a pretty girl greets them and invites them in, saying her name is [[Rhoda]]. Rhoda says that today is her restaurant's grand opening and all of the meals are free, to Team Rocket's delight.