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File:Kiawe and the Z-Ring.png|{{an|Kiawe}}'s Z-Ring
File:Z-Ring anime.png|{{Ash}}'s Z-Ring
File:Hala Z-Ring.png|[[Hala]]'s Z-Ring
File:Oluolu Snorlium Z.png|[[Oluolu]]'s Z-Ring
File:Olivia Rockium Z.png|[[Olivia]]'s Z-Ring
File:Lana and the Z-Ring anime.png|{{an|Lana}}'s Z-Ring
File:Ida Z-Ring.png|[[Ida]]'s Z-Ring
File:Kukui Incinium Z.png|{{an|Professor Kukui|Professor Kukui/The Masked Royal}}'s Z-Ring
File:Dia Z-Ring.png|{{al|Dia}}'s Z-Ring
File:Hapu Z-Ring anime.png|[[Hapu]]'s Z-Ring
File:Lillie and the Z-Ring.png|[[Mohn]]/{{an|Lillie}}'s Z-Ring
File:Sophocles and the Z-Ring.png|{{an|Sophocles}}'s Z-Ring
File:Mallow and the Z-Ring.png|{{an|Mallow}}'s Z-Ring