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Harry Goodman

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Harry Goodman used to live with his family in the countryside, but when his wife passed away, he moved to [[Ryme City]] and buried himself in workd, leaving his son [[Tim Goodman]] to live with Tim's grandmother. At one point, he offered Tim to move to Ryme City with him, but Tim refused.
As one of the greatest detectives of Ryme City, Harry was recruited by [[Howard Clifford]] to find and capture [[Mewtwo (Detective Pikachu)|Mewtwo]]. But when he realized that Howard wanted to use Mewtwo for evil, he and his partner Pikachu helped Mewtwo escape. When Harry left the facility, his car was ambushed by Howard's {{p|Greninja}} and crashed over a bridge. An severely injured Harry crawled himself out of the burning vehicle and realized that Mewtwo also came to his rescue. In order to save Harry, Mewtwo fused Harry into his Pikachua and wiped his memory in process, which resulted in the birth of [[Detective Pikachu (character)|Detective Pikachu]].
After Tim and Detective Pikachua thwarted Howard's scheme, Mewtwo unmerged and restored Harry back to his human self.
|epnum=Detective Pikachu
|epname=Pokémon Detective Pikachu
|desc={{p|Pikachu}} is Harry's partner Pokémon. Harry once used it to battle and defeat a Charizard in an underground arena. When Harry was dying from a car crash, Pikachu volunteered to have Mewtwo merge Harry into itself, resulting in [[Detective Pikachu (character)|Detective Pikachu]].
None of Pikachu's moves are known, but it can be presumed that it shares Detective Pikachu's movepool.}}