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In ''[[PS273|Red and Blue Make Purple Opponents]]'', Snor battled alongside Gyara in a [[Double Battle]] against Blue and his {{TP|Blue|Golduck}} and {{TP|Blue|Porygon2}} at [[Ultima]]'s "Path of Battle". Blue started the battle by having Golduck use {{m|Iron Tail}} and Porygon2 use {{m|Tri Attack}} on Red's Pokémon. Red then counterattacked with Gyara's {{m|Body Slam}} on Porygon2 and Snor's {{m|Strength}} on Golduck. As Blue was getting further ahead, Red had Gyara attack Golduck with {{m|Hyper Beam}}, and the Duck Pokémon escaped underground by using {{m|Dig}}. Red countered by having Snor use {{m|Earthquake}}, which dealt double damage on Golduck due to him being underground, fainting him. The attack also damaged Porygon2, but Gyara avoided any damage due to being part {{type|Flying}}. Blue then switched to {{TP|Blue|Scizor}} and Machamp, with Scizor dropping Machamp at Snor, allowing him to perform a {{m|Seismic Toss}} on the Sleeping Pokémon. Before Snor could react, Machamp attacked him with {{m|Low Kick}}, which dealt massive damage on the heavy Pokémon and took him out of the fight.
In ''[[PS279|Don't Doubt Deoxys]]'', Snor battled against {{adv|Deoxys|Organism No. 2}} on [[Five Island]]. Snor tried to strike the DNA Pokémon with a powerful punch, but DeoxysOrganism No. 2 changed into its {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Deoxys|Defense Forme}}, not budging an inch from Snor's attack. Seeing his opponent's incredible defensive capabilities, Red had Snor draw back. Snor was later nearly killed along with Red's other Pokémon while defending his {{pkmn|Trainer}} from DeoxysOrganism No. 2's {{m|Psycho Boost}}.
In ''[[PS299|Distant Relation Deoxys]]'' and ''[[PS301|Storming the Forretress]]'', Snor was seen joining Red's other Pokémon, Blue's Charizard, and [[Chuchu]] to take down the ten {{p|Forretress}} that [[Carr]] had placed inside the Team Rocket airship.