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Pokémon in Brazil

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Pokémon anime
Pokémon started airing on {{wp|RecordTV}} on May 10, 1999. It aired daily in the morning. A few months later, it also began to air on {{wp|Cartoon Network (Latin America)|Cartoon Network}}. Both channels noticed the great success that they had in their hands, and after several reruns of the [[S01|first season]], the [[S02|second season]] began to air on both channels, first on RecordTV, and then on Cartoon Network starting the week after.
The second season had also high ratings, but was not as successful as the first. This was due to the broadcast of the ''{{wp|Digimon}}'' series on a rival channel of RecordTV, {{wp|Rede Globo}}, in the same time slot. Eventually, RecordTV acquired seasons [[S03|seasons three]] and [[S04|four]] as well. Around this time, in 2002, the success of Pokémon on RecordTV led another network, {{wp|Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão|SBT}}, to buy the rights to the first three movies in partnership with {{wp|Warner Bros.}}, making the films a well-known part of SBT's film rotation.
Since RecordTV had aired its episodes in a short period of time, it started to rerun episodes frequently, a fact which lowered its overall audience ratings. Because of this, Rede Globo purchased the rights to [[S05|season five]] in 2003. Pokémon was so successful in the mornings on Rede Globo that it also acquired the [[S06|sixth]] and [[S07|seventh]] [[season]]s. When they too ran out of new episodes, Rede Globo reran them a few times and eventually took the show out of its morning schedule.
[[Pokémon Generations]] premiered on February 10, 2017 on [[The Pokémon Company International]]'s Portuguese YouTube channel in Brazilian Portuguese. The final episode of the series was made available on June 20, 2017.
On June 5, 2017, the [[S20|twentieth]] season]] premiered on Cartoon Network, airing in blocks of four or eight episodes every one or two months until the end of the season with a special marathon on [[Pokémon Day]] 2018.
On January 26, 2018, the sixth season of the anime was made available on [[Amazon Video|Amazon Prime Video]], being the first Pokémon season available on the service.
Originally planned for January 2018, RedeTV! started re-airing the first season of the anime on March 19, 2018, during the program "{{tt|Turma da Pakaraka|Pakaraka's Group}}". This marks the first time the anime is aired on the channel since 2012. It currently airs from Monday to Friday at the same time as it aired in previous years, at 6 p.m. BRT, with two episodes per day, and also another episode at 9 a.m. BRT. They also aired the first two movies.