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===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
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Groudon's first appearance was in ''[[PS233PS214|TheAssaulted Beginningby of the End with Kyogre & GroudonPelipper I]]''. Awakening Groudon was the main mission of [[Team Magma]], so they could expand the land. Groudon was finally awakened when Team Magma and [[Team Aqua|Aqua]] formed a temporary truce to be able to go underwater. [[Wallace]], [[Brawly]], and [[Roxanne]] tried to stop the Pokémon's advance but failed due to the interventions of [[Blaise]], [[Magma Admin Courtney|Courtney]], and [[Tabitha]]. Eventually, it reaches its destination: [[Sootopolis City]], to battle {{p|Kyogre}}, which it did for days on end until {{adv|Ruby}}, with the aid of a reformed Courtney and his own, {{p|Rayquaza}}-controlling [[Norman|father]], managed to quell it. Afterwards, it cut its ties with Kyogre and went to resume its slumber at the bottom of [[Mt. Chimney]]. It is shown afterwards that this restored the volcanic activities that Team Aqua had earlier annulled.
A Primal Groudon appeared in a fantasy in ''[[PAORAS05|Omega Alpha Adventure 5]]''.