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Errors: Needs a few new hyperlinks for the added stuff to the Trainer Choice skit.
* When {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}} uses {{m|Poison Tail}} for the first time, the outlines around the purple markings are a light purple instead of black.
* {{p|Beautifly}} is pictured where {{p|Nuzleaf}}'s name appears in {{pkmn|Trainer's Choice}}.
** Either it's the wrong image, or wrong name, but seeing as this happens at least three times in the Advanced Generation series, all with Nuzleaf's name, it's likely the wrong name.
** Additionally, {{p|Combusken}} would be the worst choice of the three, as it is part {{type|Fighting}}, weak to {{type|Psychic}}s. Beautifly would instead be the best choice, as it is part {{type|Flying}}, which is effective against {{p|Meditite}}, a part {{type|Fighting}}.
* When Team Rocket get in their [[Team Rocket's mechas|balloon]] and take off, the pipe that is connected to the [[Pokémon Center]] appears to be overlapping.