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Littleroot Town

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In the Pokémon Adventures manga: don't forget drought
{{adv|Ruby}} and his family moved from [[Johto]] to Littleroot Town at the beginning of the {{chap|Ruby & Sapphire}}, although Ruby ran away from home as soon as the moving had been completed, intending to win every {{pkmn|Contest}} in the Hoenn region as a protest to [[Norman|his father]]'s demands to have him do {{pkmn|battle}} training instead of Contests.
Like the rest of southern Hoenn, Littleroot Town was flooded when {{DL|Super-ancient Pokémon (Adventures)|Groudon}} and {{DL|Super-ancient Pokémon (Adventures)|Kyogre}} were awakened later during the chapter.
===In the Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire manga===