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Hoenn Route 116

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Route description
==Route description==
There are three large patches of grass on the route, containing [[wild Pokémon]] at low [[level]]s. This route is the only place in the [[Generation III]] [[core series]] games where wild {{p|Nincada}} are encountered. It is also the first area where Trainers will encounter wild {{p|Whismur}}.
To the east of this route, near the entrance of Rusturf Tunnel, is the Tunnelers' Rest House, which is not accessible until the player rescues [[Mr. Briney]]'s [[Peeko]] from a [[Team Magma]]{{sup/3|Ru}}{{sup/6|OR}} or [[Team Aqua]]{{sup/3|Sa}}{{sup/3|E}}{{sup/6|AS}} Grunt. Inside are workers who were previously working on the construction of Rusturf Tunnel but stopped due to the harm it brought to the wild Pokémon in it.