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Access to the Sevii Islands
==Access to the Sevii Islands==
After defeating [[Blaine]] and obtaining the {{badge|Volcano}} at [[Cinnabar Gym]], the {{player}} will receive a [[Tri-Pass]] from [[Bill]], allowing {{ga|Red|him}}/{{ga|Green|her}} to travel to and from [[One Island]], [[Two Island]], and [[Three Island]]. After completing the initial island mission, the player returns to Cinnabar but can revisit the islands by boarding the Seagallop at [[Vermilion City]], after the [[S.S. Anne]] has left.
After defeating the [[Indigo Plateau|Pokémon League]], if the player visits [[Celio]] at the [[Pokémon Network Center]] in {{OBP|One Island|town}} on One Island, he will ask for a {{OBP|Ruby|item}} and a {{OBP|Sapphire|item}} for his Network Machine. After the [[National Pokédex]] is received by the player and the Ruby returned to Celio, he takes the Tri-Pass and upgrades it to a [[Rainbow Pass]], allowing access to all of the [[Sevii Islands]] so the player can find the Sapphire.