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Meganium (Pokémon)

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Meganium is a quadruped, pale green, Pokémon that resembles a {{wp|saurpoda|sauropod}}-like Pokémondinosaur. withIt has a long neck, yellow eyes., Ita hasshort, blunt snout, and two {{wp|stamen}}-like protrusionsantennae sprouting from theon top of its nose, each tipped with its own anthersnout. TheseThe protrusionsantennae are shorter on thea female. Itthan hason foura feet,male. eachEncircling ofits whichneck haveare three toes. Largelarge, pink flower petals with a yellow central pattern and white tipsedges. encircleIt itshas neck.three Additionally,claws iton haseach afoot short,and a pointedstubby tail.
It is said that Meganium's petals can release an aroma that can calmcalms aggressive feelings, and its breath has the power to revive dead grass and plants. Its powerful and soothing, regenerative powers can even affect those who stand nearby. Meganium tendtends to be a very docile species and has been portrayed as a peacemaker in [[AG161|the anime]]. Meganium can rarely be found living in {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Grassland Pokémon|grasslands}}.
==In the anime==
Meganium has the appearance of a {{wp|sauropoda|sauropod}}, particularly an ''{{wp|Apatosaurus}}'', and its flower may be based on a {{wp|geranium}}, {{wp|hibiscus}}, or a {{wp|titan arum}}. It may also be designed after the ''{{wp|Hippeastrum}}''. In addition, it may be partially based on ''{{wp|Aachenosaurus}}''.
====Name origin====