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The player continues on through {{rt|5|Kalos}} to [[Camphrier Town]], running into [[Korrina]] and her {{p|Lucario}} along the way. On {{rt|7|Kalos}}, a sleeping {{p|Snorlax}} can be found blocking the way. After being directed to the [[Parfum Palace]], the player and Shauna will help find the owner's lost {{p|Furfrou}} before being invited to watch the fireworks show and being given the [[Poké Flute]]. The player returns to Route 7 to wake the Snorlax and unblock the path to reach [[Connecting Cave]]. A boulder in the cave forces the player to take a side exit to the cliff part of {{rt|8|Kalos}}, where they receive the [[List of Pokémon by Kalos Pokédex number|Coastal Kalos Pokédex]]. The player then arrives in [[Ambrette Town]]. Shauna recommends visiting [[Glittering Cave]], east of {{rt|9|Kalos}}, to search for more Pokémon. The player rides a Rhyhorn on Route 9 before entering Glittering Cave. Inside Glittering Cave, the player and Calem/Serena encounter [[Team Flare]] for the first time and rescues a {{tc|Scientist}}.
The player crosses the coastal part of Route 8 to [[Cyllage City]], where defeating [[Gym Leader]] [[Grant]] earns the player the {{Badge|Cliff}}. Continuing on, the player encounters more Team Flare Grunts on {{rt|10|Kalos}} and meets Korrina again while passing through [[Geosenge Town]]. She tells the player that Lucario can sense something in the player's aura. Past {{rt|11|Kalos}} and [[Reflection Cave]], the player arrives in [[Shalour City]] and receives a message over the [[Holo Caster]] to visit [[Gurkinn]], the [[Mega Evolution]] expert, in the [[Tower of Mastery]]. Gurkinn tells the player and their friends about Mega Evolution, which requires a [[Mega Stone]], [[Key Stone|Mega Ring]], and a special bond between the Trainer and Pokémon. Unfortunately, Gurkinn only has one Mega Ring to give. The friends decide the player should get it, and Korrina will tell them to come to [[Shalour Gym|her Gym]] and defeat her first. After she is defeated, she awards the {{Badge|Rumble}} and, after a second battle at the top of the Tower of Mastery, gives the player the Mega Ring and a Lucario holding the Lucarionite. The player heads for [[Coumarine City]] by way of {{rt|12|Kalos}}. There, the player challenges [[Ramos]] at the [[Coumarine Gym]]. After earning the {{Badge|Plant}}, the player heads to {{rt|13|Kalos}} and receives the Mountain Kalos Pokédex from Sina and Dexio.
The player cannot enter [[Lumiose City]] from Route 13 because of the power outage in the city, so they instead visit the route's Power Plant, where they encounter Team Flare again. After defeating [[Aliana]], a scientist for Team Flare, the power to Lumiose City is restored. At [[Prism Tower]], [[Clemont]] will invite the player to battle him. After his defeat, he will awards the {{Badge|Voltage}}. The player then travels to [[Laverre City]] by way of {{rt|14|Kalos}}. After the player earns the {{Badge|Fairy}} from Gym Leader [[Valerie]], they and Calem/Serena encounter Team Flare again at the [[Poké Ball Factory]]. Defeating [[Celosia]] and [[Bryony]] drives away the villainous team. When the player arrives at [[Dendemille Town]] via Routes {{rtn|15|Kalos}} or {{rtn|16|Kalos}}, Professor Sycamore and his aides will discuss the legend of {{p|Xerneas}} or {{p|Yveltal}}. The player cannot head to [[Anistar City]] because the {{p|Mamoswine}} needed to navigate {{rt|17|Kalos}} is gone, so the player finds it at [[Frost Cavern]], concerned about Team Flare's interference. The player must defeat [[Mable]] to make Team Flare retreat, save an {{p|Abomasnow}}, and calm the Mamoswine so the player can travel to [[Anistar City]]. There, the player earns the {{Badge|Psychic}} from [[Olympia]].