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Howard Clifford

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As a wheelchaired man, Howard not only wished to cure his own disability, but also to [[evolution|evolve]] the entire humanity to the fullest like Pokémon could. To this end, he recruited detective [[Harry Goodman]] to track and capture [[Mewtwo (POKÉMON Detective Pikachu)|Mewtwo]] and hired Dr. [[Ann Laurent]] to produce the R substance, which can be used with Mewtwo's psychic ability to merge humans and Pokémon. However, his plan was thwarted after Harry learnt of it and rescued Mewtwo. Howard sent his genetically-modified {{p|Greninja}} to chase after Harry's car and cause it to crash, seemingly killing him. However, Howard deduced that Harry was still alive and his Pikachu was the key to find Mewtwo, sending his "{{p|Ditto|Ms. Norman}}" into the city to find it. When Ms. Norman brought Tim Goodman and [[Detective Pikachu]] back to him, Howard pretended that his own son [[Roger Clifford]] was the mastermind who hired Harry to capture Mewtwo, and Tim would be able to find his father if he could track Mewtwo.
After "Ms. Norman" successfully secured Mewtwo, Howard revealed his plan to Tim, that he had secretly filled Ryme City's parade balloons with the R substance. After using a neural link to transfer his mind into Mewtwo, Howard used his new-found psychic ability to merge all humans in the city into their Pokémon. When he discovered that Detective Pikachu was trying to stop his plan, Howard engaged and chased after him, which resulted in Pikachu's seeming defeat. When Howard returned to his office to dispose of Tim, Howard was hit by Detective Pikachu's {{m|Volt Tackle}}, crashing in his building's lower floors. An angry Howard emerged and tried to choke Pikachu to death, but Pikachu revealed that he bought enough time for Tim to break his neural link, forcing Howard back to his own body.
A defeated Howard was seen arrested by the police afterward.