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Mewtwo (Detective Pikachu)

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Mewtwo was created by humans 20 years before but it managed to escape. Months before the events of ''[[Detective Pikachu (movie)|POKÉMON Detective Pikachu]]'', [[Harry Goodman]] was recruited by [[Howard Clifford]] to track Mewtwo, which eventually led to its capture. Trapped in a spherical chamber, Mewtwo was used by Dr. Ann Laurent to produce the R substance, an inhalable drug that can make Pokémon go rampage. However, Mewtwo was freed by Harry and his partner Pikachu, making Mewtwo realizing that not all humans are evil. When Harry's car crashed in an ambush, Mewtwo came to his rescue and combined a dying Harry into Pikachu's body but also erased his memory, creating [[Detective Pikachu]] as a result.
When Detective Pikachu was critically injured, a bunch of {{p|Bulbasaur}} brought Harry and Pikachu to Mewtwo's location, where heit healed him. But before Mewtwo was able to fully reveal the secret of Harry's case, it was captured and taken away by Howard's man. When Tim arrived at Howard's office, he learnt that Howard was trying to transfer his mind into Mewtwo, so that he could use Mewtwo's ability to transfer all humans' minds into their Pokémon. Mewtwo tried to warn Tim to run before its body was taken over.
After a long struggle, Tim was able to remove Howard's neural link and Mewtwo was freed. As Detective Pikachu was about to fall to his death, Mewtwo used its psychic power to save him. It then reversed the disaster caused by Howard. Before taking his leave, Mewtwo revealed that Detective Pikachu was actually Tim's father Harry Goodman and unmerged Harry out of Pikachu's body.
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