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Detective Pikachu (movie)

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* This is one of two Pokémon-related movies to be released in 2019, with the other being the [[M22|twenty-second anime movie]]. Coincidentally, both movies prominently feature a Mewtwo and heavily use CGI.
* The Jigglypuff shown in the coffee shop wielding a microphone/marker is a reference to the {{an|Jigglypuff}} in the [[Pokémon anime]].
* The Greninja uses water swords just like [[Greninja (Super Smash Bros.)|the one in Super Smash Bros.]] does.<!--
* The gangster movie playing on the TV when Tim enters Harry's apartment for the first time is the movie that Kevin McCallister watches in the 1991 film {{wp|Home Alone}}. The movie in question, titled "Angels with Filthy Souls", is not a real one, and was made specially for use in ''Home Alone''.<!--
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