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List of cross-canon references

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To {{Trading Card Game}}
* This game uses the same rarities as the TCG, with the exception of '''extra rare''' figures.
* This game has {{TCG|Trainer card}}s like those in the TCG, though their incorporation and usage is different.
===Detective Pikachu (movie) references===
====To {{pkmn|games}}====
* While [[Tim Goodman]] is attempting to capture a {{p|Cubone}}, he talks about how it wears the skull of a {{p|Marowak|dead relative}} on its head, a reference to several of Cubone's [[Pokédex]] entries.
** Tim's friend, Jack, says that a Cubone would be a perfect Pokémon for him as they are both lonely, a reference to Cubone's {{pkmn|category}}.
* Mewtwo is stated to have escaped from a research lab in [[Kanto]] 20 years ago, referring to its backstory in the [[Generation I]] games and their [[Remake|remakes]].
* The {{p|Greninja}} use water swords similar to those used by the [[Greninja (Super Smash Bros.)|one in the Super Smash Bros. series]].
====To {{pkmn|anime}}====
* Multiple Pokémon communicate by saying their own names.
* Mewtwo speaks telepathically, like the [[Mewtwo (original series)|one]] from ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]''.
* The Jigglypuff singing inside the [[Hi-Hat Café]] wields a microphone/marker, like the reoccurring {{an|Jigglypuff}}.
* An instrumental version of [[Pokémon Theme]] can be heard during the news report, and Pikachu sings a verse of it to himself before finding the bridge where [[Harry Goodman]] disappeared.
* [[Howard Clifford]]'s {{p|Ditto}} retains its beady eyes when {{m|transform}}ed, like [[Duplica's Ditto]].
====To {{pkmn|TCG}}====
* A folder full of Pokémon cards is on the desk in Tim's room.
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