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Alakazam (Pokémon)

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Alakazam is a Pokémon characterized by its humanoid structure and large mustache. A female Alakazam has a significantly shorter mustache than a male. It has a long, thin snout, narrow eyes, ear-like spikes extending from the top of its head, and an additional spike protruding from each cheek. Covering its yellow, skeletal body are brown armor-like sections over its chest, shoulders, forearms and knees. There are three toes on each foot, each of which has a white claw. Two of the toes face forward, while one faces backwards. It wields a silver spoon in each hand, which act as amplifiers for its psychic abilities. The spoons are created usesusing its psychic powers and it may give one to someone it trusts. Alakazam is able to lower the accuracy of its opponents by bending the spoons it wields, using its [[signature move]] {{m|Kinesis}}.
As Mega Alakazam, its mustache turns white and becomes longer and bushier. It also grows a long, white beard. The armor-like sections become bulkier, and its upper body section becomes slightly shorter to reveal its thin stomach. The ear-like spikes become slightly shorter and a larger spike forms on top of its head. Additionally, it gains an oval, red organ in the center of its forehead. The organ is said to emit psychic power. Its lower legs become longer and slimmer and its feet become skinnier and resemble talons. It gains three additional spoons, for a total of five that it levitates in the air. At the cost of its already-low muscular strength, Mega Alakazam's power is entirely converted to pure psychic energy. It can read the course of a person's entire life with a single glance.