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Marowak (Pokémon)

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Marowak is a bipedal Pokémon with light brown skin and a cream-colored underside. Two small claws, one on each hand, serve as its thumbs, and one large nail on each foot make up its toes. It has a short tail with a small spike near the tip. Marowak's head is composed of the skull it once wore as a mask. It can no longer remove the skull, which has become part of its body. The skull has two pointed spikes on the back similar to ears and tiny nostrils on the tip of the snout. Marowak's triangular, brown eyes are also located in the skull. Marowak is well known for ferocity with its bone club, which it is said to collect from a hidden graveyard. It and its pre-evolution, {{p|Cubone}}, are the [[Signature move|only known Pokémon]] that can learn {{m|Bone Club}} and {{m|Bonemerang}} and the only Pokémon capable of using the [[Thick Club]] item.
Upon evolution, Marowak has overcome the grief of its mother's passing. Now ferocious and violent, Marowak is an adept combatant that uses the bone it carries as a weapon and a boomerang. Having evolved, it seeks vengeance on its natural enemy {{p|Mandibuzz}}, which prey on Cubone because of its naturally weak and timid demeanor. Marowak has also been recorded pounding on boulders with the bone club it carries in order to tap out messages to others. It lives in {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Mountain Pokémon|mountains}} to test its skills.