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Upon arriving in [[Jubilife City]], Dawn registered for a [[Contest Pass]] for the [[Sinnoh]] [[region]]. She also obtained a [[Ball Capsule]] and some [[Seal]]s and introduced her Contest cry, which is "Spotlight!" in the English dub and "Charm up!" in the original Japanese version. Dawn lost her first [[Pokémon Contest]] in ''[[DP012|Arrival of a Rival!]]'' to [[Zoey]], who became one of her closest friends and greatest [[rival]]s. After her loss, an upset Dawn called her mother, but Johanna told Dawn not to rely on her and instead rely on friends and Pokémon. Eventually, in Dawn's [[DP027|second official Contest]], she was able to narrowly beat her childhood friend {{si|Kenny}} to win her first [[Ribbon]].
[[File:Dawn Contest debut.png|thumb|left|220px|Dawn in her first Pokémon Contest]]
Dawn regularly {{pkmn|training|trained}} her Pokémon and took the opportunity to practice her skills with Zoey whenever the two met, such as in ''[[DP041|A Stand-Up Sit-Down!]]''. Zoey was always helpful to Dawn during their meetings and helped inspire her to come up with new [[Contest combination|combinations]]. However, even with Zoey's help Dawn was not able to perfect {{AP|Buizel}}'s [[Ash's Buizel#Moves improvised|Ice Aqua Jet]] despite coming up with the idea. Ash later accomplished Ice Aqua Jet in the [[Wallace Cup]], after Buizel had been [[trade]]d to him.
Her encounter with Mesprit, like Ash and Brock's encounters with {{DL|Lake guardians (anime)|Azelf}} and {{DL|Lake guardians (anime)|Uxie}} respectively, proved to be fate as [[Team Galactic]] intended to capture the [[lake guardians]] to awaken {{p|Dialga}} and {{p|Palkia}} at [[Spear Pillar]]. The lake guardians communicated telepathically with Ash, Dawn and Brock and {{m|teleport}}ed them to the [[Team Galactic HQ|Team Galactic Headquarters]]. With the help of [[Cynthia]], the three Trainers foiled Team Galactic's plans and freed the lake guardians in ''[[DP152|The Battle Finale of Legend!]]''
[[File:Dawn Poffins.png|thumb|left|220px|Dawn's [[Poffin]]s]]
In ''[[DP155|Double-Time Battle Training!]]'', Dawn and her friends watched Zoey compete in the [[Brussel Town]] Pokémon Contest. Zoey was victorious, and [[Candice]] brought over an array of desserts to celebrate. During their meal, Candice introduced the [[Tamato Berry]] Ice Cream Sandwich, describing it as "hot and spicy on the inside and cold on the outside", and saying that oftentimes things that don't seem to go well together are actually the most compatible. The dessert and Candice's words inspired Dawn to create a new combination using {{t|Ice}}- and {{type|Fire}} [[move]]s. After many failed attempts, she perfected her technique called Flame Ice, which involved Cyndaquil using {{m|Flame Wheel}} while being encased in Mamoswine's {{m|Ice Shard}} attack. She used this move later in the {{to|Daybreak}} {{pkmn|Contest}}.
It was a very evenly matched and close fight between her Piplup and Togekiss and [[Zoey's Glameow]] and {{p|Gallade}}, but in the end Dawn lost. After the finals, she met with her mother and returned the Ribbon Johanna had given her as a good luck charm at the very start of her journey. Dawn said that she no longer needed to walk in her mother's shadow, and only needed her Pokémon's care and support to become a Top Coordinator, proving to her mother and to herself how much she had grown as a Trainer.
[[File:Zoey and Dawn.png|thumb|left|250px|Dawn and Zoey]]
After the competition, Zoey told Dawn that [[Candice]] was throwing a victory party for her in [[Snowpoint City]] and that Dawn was also welcome; however, Dawn declined the invitation, stating that she still wanted to support Ash in his upcoming battle at [[Sunyshore Gym]] and in the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]]. She then thanked all the Pokémon that had traveled with her through Sinnoh for their hard work and pledged to not give up her dream of being a [[Top Coordinator]].