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[[File:Ash and Palpitoad.png|left|250px|thumb|Palpitoad and Ash]]
Palpitoad was first seen in ''[[BW032|Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!]]'', where he was the leader of a group of wild {{p|Tympole}} that lived in a lake. {{Ash}} and {{AP|Oshawott}} had unknowingly invaded his territory while looking for an [[Remeyo weed|underwater plant]] to help his, {{an|Cilan}}'s, and {{an|Iris}}'s Pokémon heal after being {{status|poisoned}} by wild {{p|Foongus}} that were disturbed by [[Ash's Scraggy]]. Palpitoad was angered by their intrusion, and ordered his Tympole cohorts to attack them. When they swam away in fear of Oshawott, he called upon his friend, {{TP|Cilan|Stunfisk}}'s, help. However, when Cilan fished Stunfisk out of the water, Palpitoad was forced to face Oshawott himself. Despite knowing some powerful moves, the Vibration Pokémon lost to Oshawott's newly mastered {{m|Aqua Jet}}, and was caught by Ash.
==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Ash and Palpitoad.png|250px|thumb|Palpitoad and Ash]]
Palpitoad was once quite the rowdy Pokémon, and liked to be the boss over others, such as when he commanded a group of {{p|Tympole}} and a {{TP|Cilan|Stunfisk}} to attack Ash and his {{AP|Oshawott}} in ''[[BW032|Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!]]''. Palpitoad is also very protective over what he claims as his own, such as territory, as shown in the same instance. In the [[Club Battle]] Tournament, Palpitoad has been shown to be capable of putting up a strong fight against his opponents. Since he shares a love for battling with Ash, Palpitoad seems satisfied to have Ash as his Trainer, and they were able to work well together, despite only recently being captured at the time and it being the first battle Palpitoad participated in with his Trainer. Palpitoad has also been shown to be physically tough, as he can endure attacks easily as shown in the Gym battle with [[Elesa]] and in the battle against [[Stephan]].