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Misty also made a cameo appearance in the ending credits of ''[[M20|I Choose You!]]''.
[[File:Mistys fear of bugs.png|thumb|left|220px|Misty showing her fear of Bug Pokémon]]
Misty is a girl who can be sweet and optimistic at times, but she is best known for her vocal frustrations and seething anger. Misty also tended to get very angry whenever {{Ash}} got their party lost, especially in forests. She is very extreme in most of her moods, and she abruptly switches between her emotions. However, as time went on, Misty mellowed and her hyperactive personality was reduced significantly by the end of the [[original series]].
The one Pokémon [[type]] that Misty cannot stand are {{type|Bug}}s, as shown in ''[[EP003|Ash Catches a Pokémon!]]'' and more recently in ''[[SM102|Alola, Alola!]]''. The only Bug-type Pokémon Misty is not afraid of are the kinds that she deems "cute" or "pretty", like {{p|Ledyba}} and {{p|Butterfree}}, some belonging to her friends, like [[Tracey's Venonat]], or ones that don't look like bugs, such as {{p|Pineco}}. However, Bug Pokémon are only one of three things Misty strongly dislikes, the other two being {{wp|carrots}} and {{wp|peppers}}.
Either through the tradition of her family's Gym or merely her love of them, Misty prefers to train {{type|Water}} Pokémon. She usually bases her choice of Pokémon to train by looks, preferring Pokémon that she thinks of as "cute" over ones that she thinks are "ugly," but is willing to overcome such differences. Her love of Water Pokémon stems from the fact that they are extremely flexible in battle, meaning that they can easily adapt to the opponent, as she stated in ''[[EP240|Some Like It Hot]]''. Since becoming a Gym Leader, she has overcome her fear of {{p|Gyarados}} and continues to learn more about caring and battling with Water Pokémon as challengers come to the [[Cerulean Gym]].