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==In the anime==
[[File:Serena and Pancham.png|thumb|left|250px|Pancham and Serena]]
Pancham first appeared in ''[[XY047|Dreaming a Performer's Dream!]]''. He interrupted a performance by a [[Pokémon Performer]] called [[Kayleigh]], at a Rookie Class [[Pokémon Showcase]] in [[Lagoon Town]]. Serena, who was in the crowd, watched Pancham with interest. Pancham proceeded to jump to the ceiling, grabbing a stage lamp. However, the lamp broke and Pancham fell on the stage. Pancham proceeded to cause trouble, disabling the security personnel by pushing a freight trolly in to them. He then ran off, exiting the building. Outside, he threw a stick on [[Clemont's Chespin]]'s head, afterwards taunting it. This made Chespin angry, and it ran after Pancham, who ran towards a forest. {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} also followed him. When Ash started calling for Pancham, he jumped out of a tree, stealing [[Ash's hat]]. Afterwards he also managed to steal {{an|Clemont}}'s glasses and ran off again.
In ''[[XY109|Master Class Choices!]]'', Pancham appeared for the Showcase hosted in [[Fleurrh City]]. He participated in the {{p|Rhyhorn}} Herding Theme Performance with Serena and Braixen, but was pushed aside by the Rhyhorn who came to Serena by themselves to his surprise. He danced in the Freestyle Performance with everyone and used Stone Edge to boost up Braixen and Sylveon for the final move. After winning the Showcase, they were congratulated by their friends with a feast, and was surprised by Chespin's offer of all its food for their win.
[[File:Serena Pancham Nini Smoochum.png|thumb|250px|Pancham with Nini's Smoochum]]
In ''[[XY112|Master Class is in Session!]]'', Pancham joined Serena in the {{ci|Gloire}} Master Class Showcase, where he was briefly seen performing in the second round and helped Serena proceed to the semi-finals. In [[XY113|the following episode]], he was used again in the semi-finals, but this time alongside Sylveon, where he faced off against {{an|Shauna}} and [[Jessie]] with their respective teams, consisting of {{TP|Shauna|Ivysaur}} and {{p|Flabébé}}, and Gourgeist and {{MTR}}. He showed off his great dance moves before using Stone Edge to have Sylveon jump on them. He and Serena were then lifted up by Sylveon's {{m|Fairy Wind}} and the trio then, supported by the Fairy Wind, landed on one hand. Serena, however, twisted her wrist upon landing, causing her to lose her balance. Luckily she was saved in time by Sylveon. The audience, however, did not notice the error in their performance and gave Serena enough votes to win and advance to the final round. In the final round, Pancham performed along with Braixen and Sylveon. Together, the three Pokémon combined their moves, to create beautiful sparkles. Pancham then used Stone Edge to act as stepping stones for Sylveon, who then used Fairy Wind to lift Serena and the others up. Pancham then combined his Dark Pulse with Braixen and Sylveon's respective Flamethrower and {{m|Swift}} to create a giant blooming fire flower, finishing their performance. In the end, however, their performance was not good enough to defeat the opposing team, formed by Aria, her Delphox, Aromatisse and {{p|Vivillon}}, causing Aria to keep her title of {{DL|Pokémon Performer|Kalos Queen}}.
==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Serena Fennekin Pancham Embarrassed.png|thumb|left|250px|Pancham embarrassed after receiving a gift]]
Pancham was first introduced as a very mischievous Pokémon when he caused chaos at a [[Pokémon Showcase]] and later taunted {{TP|Clemont|Chespin}}. He also stole [[Ash's hat]] and Clemont's glasses, but when Serena discovered his home, she realized that he had stolen these items to use as props in a mock performance and that all Pancham really wants is to perform and be on stage, causing her to {{pkmn2|caught|catch}} him. Also, Pancham was revealed to be both courageous and determined when Team Rocket interrupted his battle with {{TP|Serena|Fennekin}}. Pancham did not take kindly to this, because he wanted to finish the battle and see if Serena would succeed in catching him.
After Serena caught Pancham, he retained his playful and mischievous attitude, but he also developed a loyalty to Serena and worked his hardest to perform well in their Showcase practices. Compared to {{TP|Serena|Braixen}}, Pancham tends to be more curt when showing or receiving affection from others. In the latter case, however, Pancham has a certain degree of modesty and is visibly embarrassed by the praise.
[[File:Serena and Pancham Nini Smoochum.png|thumb|left|250px|Pancham with Nini'sand SmoochumSerena]]
Pancham is easily annoyed and does not respond well to being interrupted or teased or in any other way provoked, such as in ''[[XY056|One for the Goomy!]]'', when he was visibly vexed to have {{AP|Goomy}} nibbling on his ear. Also, Pancham is quick to strike back if necessary, even if the initial provocation was unintentional. This was seen in ''[[XY064|Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!]]'', when Fennekin accidentally burned Pancham and he lost control and began attacking and taunting her.