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===={{series|Best Wishes}}====
Pansage was given to Cilan at a young age when his brothers also received their first Pokémon;. he made his first appearance in ''[[BW005|Triple Leaders, Team Threats!]]'', where he showed him to {{Ash}}, who scanned him on his [[Pokédex]] before battling.
[[File:Cilan and Pansage.png|thumb|250px|Pansage and Cilan]]
He made his first appearance in ''[[BW005|Triple Leaders, Team Threats!]]'', where he showed him to {{Ash}}, who scanned him on his [[Pokédex]] before battling. Pansage was the third and final Pokémon Ash faced in his {{pkmn|battle}} in the [[Striaton Gym]], where he went up against [[Ash's Oshawott]]. However, Pansage dodged all of his moves with ease and hit Oshawott quite hard with {{m|Bullet Seed}} and {{m|Bite}}. After Oshawott finally hit a midair Pansage with {{m|Water Gun}}, Pansage started charging {{m|Solar Beam}}, which petrified Oshawott with fear. He appeared again in ''[[BW006|Dreams by the Yard Full!]]'' where Oshawott deflected the Solar Beam and Pansage was soon defeated by Oshawott, earning Ash the {{Badge|Trio}}, his first [[Unova League]] Badge. At the end of the episode, Cilan takes Pansage with him while he travels with Ash and {{an|Iris}}.
In ''[[BW009|The Bloom Is on Axew!]]'', Cilan used Pansage in a battle against [[Iris's Axew]] to help Axew gain some battle experience. Even though Pansage significantly lowered his own attack power (twenty percent lower, according to Cilan), Axew was thrown off by his attacks. The battle ended when Axew used {{m|Dragon Rage}}, but he accidentally misfired it, which caused a massive explosion that took Pansage, as well as everyone else, by surprise.
==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Elemental Monkeys anime.png|thumb|240px|rightleft|Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour]]
Much like his Trainer, Pansage is kind and cheerful to others. He was patient and gentle when battling the severely disadvantaged {{TP|Iris|Axew}} in ''[[BW009|The Bloom Is on Axew!]]'' as well as on the wild {{p|Venipede}} in ''[[BW022|A Venipede Stampede!]]''. He had no problem with adjusting his own attack power on these Pokémon. He is also shown to be very forgiving in ''[[BW011|A Home For Dwebble!]]'' as he held no grudge against {{TP|Cilan|Dwebble}} despite being injured by it and eventually made ill. However, he can also be very competitive as seen in ''[[BW019|A Connoisseur's Revenge!]]'' when he battled against [[Burgundy]]'s {{p|Sawsbuck}}, as well as quick tempered as seen in ''[[BW025|Emolga and the New Volt Switch!]]'' when he was suddenly attacked while taking a nap and knocked out {{TP|Bianca|Minccino}} without being given orders.
[[File:Cilan and Pansage.png|thumb|250px|Pansage and Cilan]]
Pansage was shown to have a close relationship with [[Chili's Pansear]] in ''[[BW058|A Call for Brotherly Love!]]'', as the two happily greeted each other with a handshake. He also consoled Pansear after it and Chili had a fight, and was happy to train with it so Pansear could learn {{m|Solar Beam}}. This relationship was shown again in ''[[BW140|Survival of the Striaton Gym!]]'', while [[Cress's Panpour]] was also shown to share this close bond. Pansage was shown to be gracious in victory in the same episode, healing the Abomasnow that had previously been aggressive towards him.