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Iris's Gible

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[[File:Iris and Gible.png|thumb|220px|left|Gible and Iris]]
Iris first encountered Gible when she entered [[Blackthorn City]]. The Land Shark Pokémon had been biting city property, which was causing significant damage. He was being chased out of town by the local citizens after biting into another building, but Iris stepped in to defend him, which gave him a chance to escape.
==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Iris and Gible.png|thumb|220px|Gible and Iris]]
Similar to [[Ash's Gible]], he has the habit of biting individuals on the head, particularly [[Iris's Axew]]. Gible seems to be a bit oblivious, ignoring everything going on around him and simply doing as he pleases. He is also quite destructive, destroying an area of [[Blackthorn City]] with just his teeth and {{m|Dig}} attack.