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May's Munchlax

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Munchlax was one of the Pokémon May took with her when she traveled through the [[Kanto]] region. In ''[[AG134|A Real Cleffa Hanger]]'', Munchlax was shown to know {{m|Metronome}}. In ''[[AG139|On Cloud Arcanine]]'', after using it to use {{m|Extreme Speed}}, Munchlax quickly ate the [[Pecha Berry|Pecha Berries]] on the trees instead of attacking the {{p|Arcanine}} it was supposed to. In ''[[AG150|May's Egg-Cellent Adventure]]'', Munchlax took part in its first battle against [[Nicolette]]'s {{p|Vileplume}}, where it was revealed to know Focus Punch and Solar Beam.
[[File:May and Munchlax.png|thumb|220px|Munchlax and May]]
Munchlax made its [[Pokémon Contest]] debut in ''[[AG160|Harley Rides Again]]'', where it was used in the [[Contest Battle]]s of the {{to|Wisteria}} Contest. Using its Solar Beam attack, it was able to [[Fainting|knock out]] a {{p|Politoed}}, advancing May to the final round. There, it went up against [[Harley]]'s {{p|Octillery}}. It started the battle with a Focus Punch, however, Octillery was able to avoid the attack by jumping in the air and landing on top of Munchlax's face. The {{type|Water}} {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} then proceeded with {{m|Constrict}} to prevent Munchlax from using any other attacks before firing its [[signature move]], {{m|Octazooka}}. When Munchlax was charging Solar Beam, Octillery used Sludge Bomb, hitting the Big Eater Pokémon and causing an explosion. After that, May called for Metronome, which resulted in Octillery being damaged by a powerful {{m|Thunder}} attack. However, it was able to use {{m|Rest}} to put itself to {{status|sleep}} and recover its health. Although Munchlax attacked Octillery with Tackle and Focus Punch while it was sleeping, it woke up fully restored and fired Octazooka. As Munchlax was no longer able to continue, the [[Contest Judge]]s called {{DL|Fainting|Battle Off}}, resulting in a loss for May.
[[File:May Munchlax eating.png|thumb|220px|Munchlax eating]]
True to its species, May's Munchlax loves to eat. Its love for food is so great that it has no qualms about eating others' food whether it belongs to [[Human|people]] or {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}. Another known trait is that Munchlax's hunger will usually distract it when May is attempting to {{pkmn2|caught|catch}} a Pokémon. This was seen in ''[[AG138|Rough, Tough Jigglypuff]]'' when May attempted to catch a {{p|Jigglypuff}} and again in ''[[AG139|On Cloud Arcanine]]'' when she wanted to add a {{pkmn2|wild}} {{p|Arcanine}} to her [[Party|team]]. However, its love for food was proven to be helpful at times, such as in ''[[AG162|Spontaneous Combusken!]]'', in which it instantly woke up for May's food after using {{m|Rest}} as a result of {{m|Metronome}} during the [[Appeal|Appeals Round]] of the {{isl|Chrysanthemum}} Contest.
[[File:May and Munchlax.png|thumb|left|220px|Munchlax and May]]
Munchlax was shown to be a powerful battler with equally powerful moves such as {{m|Focus Punch}} and {{m|Solar Beam}}. Munchlax enjoys performing in Pokémon Contests and is always giving full effort in a performance. Due to May's trust in luck, it would usually use {{m|Metronome}} to help or worsen a bad situation.