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In ''[[AG046|Candid Camerupt!]]'', Mudkip battled against [[Winstrate family|Victor]]'s {{p|Zigzagoon}}. Mudkip opened by using {{m|Water Gun}}, which Zigzagoon dodged. Zigzagoon then shockingly responded with a {{m|Thunderbolt}}, ending the battle with just the one move.
[[File:Brock and Marshtomp.png|thumb|250px|Marshtomp and Brock]]
In ''[[AG092|Judgment Day!]]'', Mudkip was used in a mock battle alongside Lombre against [[Ash's Swellow]] and Corphish to help {{OBP|Jimmy|AG092}} train as a [[Battle judge|referee]]. Lombre was quickly pushed into a tough position and Brock had it play dead to give Jimmy an easy judgement. As Jimmy wondered what to do, Ash commanded Swellow to attack Lombre, who retaliated with Razor Leaf. The attack failed to knock out Swellow and it and Mudkip attacked with duel Water Guns, which Corphish blocked. Jimmy declared Corphish unable to battle, though it sprung back up immediately after. His teacher scolded him for the rash judgement and the battle was put to an end.
==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Brock and Marshtomp.png|thumb|250px|Marshtomp and Brock]]
Initially, Mudkip was distrustful of strangers and was very protective of those it cared for, similar to [[Ash's Bulbasaur]]. This is shown in its debut appearance where it viewed Brock and the others as intruders of its land. Once Brock gained its trust, it turned into an extremely loyal Pokémon and felt safer around strangers. During its travels with Brock, it was shown to be more of a sensible type and it was seen assisting {{AP|Pikachu}} in breaking up and resolving arguments between the other Pokémon. It is also friendly with younger Pokémon. When Mudkip evolved into Marshtomp it retained the same personality but also developed somewhat of a flirtatious side, like its Trainer, as seen in the episode ''[[AG148|A Chip Off the Old Brock]]'' when it fell madly in love with Mariah's {{p|Flaaffy}}.