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======Kanto Battle Frontier======
Geodude joined {{TP|Brock|Crobat}} and {{TP|Brock|Steelix}} to greet Brock in ''[[AG177|Grating Spaces!]]''. Forrest ordered Geodude to Tackle {{MTR}}, and then it used its newly learned Sandstorm to create a distraction whilst Steelix created defenses with boulders. It then charged and took down [[Jessie]]'s {{p|Charizard}} with a Mega Punch.
[[File:Brock and Geodude.png|thumb|250px|Geodude and Brock]]
====={{series|Sun & Moon}}=====
==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Brock and Geodude.png|thumb|250px|Geodude and Brock]]
Geodude received very little character development as it did not receive much screen time. However, it comes across as one of the older Pokémon in the show, with quite little patience for wasting time. This was shown by the fact that it shoved Larvitar into the sand headfirst, during ''[[EP259|Entei at Your Own Risk]]'' having no patience for babying it like Ash, Pikachu and others. It is very fond of its Trainer, who had trained it for many years, and was known to polish Geodude for maintenance. In ''[[SM043|When Regions Collide!]]'', in contrast to its serious personality, it showed its excitement when seeing [[Misty's Psyduck]] again and even gave it a high-five.