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Misty's Corsola

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====[[Original series]]====
[[File:Misty and Corsola OS.png|thumb|200px|left|Corsola and Misty]]
In ''[[EP210|Around the Whirlpool]]'', {{Ash}}, Misty, and {{an|Brock}} met [[Professor Elm]], who showed off his {{p|Corsola}}. Seeing it also made Misty want to have one. In ''[[EP213|A Corsola Caper!]]'', the group met a family who raised Corsola to make jewelry out of their shed body parts. However, a wild Corsola came along and invaded the ranch looking for a friend, causing the Corsola in the area to flee. Eventually, all of the Corsola were recovered and Misty caught the wild Corsola with the {{ball|Lure}} she received from [[Kurt]].
===={{series|Advanced Generation}}====
In ''[[SS005|The Blue Badge of Courage]]'', Misty used Corsola in her Gym battle against [[Sakura]] and her {{p|Espeon}}. Espeon started off with a Tackle that made a direct hit. Corsola hit back with Spike Cannon, which Espeon dodged by jumping into the water. Espeon jumped out with a Swift attack, hitting Corsola hard. Corsola used Recover and then hit Espeon with a Tackle. Espeon jumped off the wall, and dodged the Spike Cannon that Corsola sent at it. Espeon then used Tackle, followed by {{m|Psybeam}}, [[Fainting|knocking out]] Corsola, making Sakura the winner.
[[File:Misty and Corsola SM.png|thumb|250px|Corsola and Misty in {{series|Sun & Moon}}]]
Corsola was also used during a battle against [[Georgio]]'s {{p|Delcatty}} in ''[[SS011|A Date With Delcatty]]''. The battle started with Delcatty hitting Corsola with {{m|Double-Edge}}, but Corsola countered quickly with a Tackle attack. Then Delcatty used another Double-Edge and proceeded to use {{m|Iron Tail}} while dodging Spike Canon in the process. Delcatty later used {{m|Double Team}} to disorient Corsola, rendering its Spike Canon unsuccessful before using {{m|Ice Beam}} to land another hit. Despite this, Misty was able to turn things around by commanding Corsola to use Recover to heal itself. After that, Corsola used a combination of Spike Canon and Tackle to knock Delcatty out, leaving Misty as the winner of the battle.
==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Misty and Corsola SM.png|thumb|250px|Corsola and Misty]]
Corsola seems to have a joyous personality, like [[Misty's Togepi]]. It is also very sociable, and has a good relationship with Misty's other Pokémon. Corsola is recognized for having a powerful Tackle, and is known for ramming other Pokémon when trying to be friendly.