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Misty's Staryu

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Staryu was often called into battle, even relied on when Misty had access to other Pokémon such as {{TP|Misty|Poliwag}} and {{TP|Misty|Corsola}}. Staryu's strength was called on in ''[[EP091|Bye Bye Psyduck]]'', battling {{OBP|Marina|EP091}}'s {{p|Tentacruel}}. Upon entering battle, Marina commented it was an excellent looking Staryu, and Misty responded that Staryu was one of her favorite Pokémon and that she polished it daily. The pampering appeared to pay off as it was able to take down Tentacruel with one Swift attack. It was, however, defeated by Marina's powerful {{p|Psyduck}}.
[[File:Misty and Staryu.png|thumb|250px|Staryu and Misty in the {{series|Advanced Generation}}]]
In ''[[EP110|The Stun Spore Detour]]'', a wild Poliwag sought protection from James and Meowth by hiding behind Misty. Misty's Staryu defeated [[James's Weezing]] by using Tackle followed by Double-Edge, which not only cut through Weezing's {{m|Smog}}, but also sent Weezing flying.
==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Misty and Staryu.png|thumb|250px|Staryu and Misty]]
Staryu does not seem to have much of a personality due to its extremely un-anthropomorphic features. Most of its personality is seen in battle, where it is shown to be very powerful, being Misty's top choice through most of the early series. When it loses, it occasionally gets upset about the loss until Misty comforts it. Staryu is shown to have a very strong bond with its Trainer due to how she can tell what its emotions and feelings are and how much trust they have with each other.