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Aurorus (Pokémon)

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Aurorus is based on ana {{wp|sauropod}} dinosaur, and bears most resemblance to ''{{wp|Amargasaurus}}'', which were speculated to have possible skin sail extensions on their vertebral spines. It also shares traits with various species of {{wp|Diplodocoidea}}. The color-changing sails are also based on {{wp|aurora}}s, most likely aurora borealis due to its partial Ice typing, and the fact it only evolves at night, when the aurora borealis is most often seen. Similar to Tyrantrum, considering its white, V-shaped mark with an ice crystal covering the top of its head and two flowing extended sails running down its neck, it may have also been based upon a {{wp|queen}}, with the mark and the two flowing sails acting as a tiara or a headdress worn by queens from medieval times while its body with small ice crystals resembles a dress.
====Name origin====