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List of Pokémon with form differences

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In [[Pokémon GO]], {{p|Pikachu}} has [[Pikachu variants#Pokémon GO|several different forms]], appearing during limited event periods where Pikachu usually spawns at an increased rate globally. These Pikachu may also have special moves. All forms can be evolved into Event Raichu and all forms except "H.F.", "Spring" and "Detective" can be hatched as Event Pichu from eggs received during the event periods after Pichu was released into the game.
Any Pikachu caught before the introduction of genders into the game were male. Event Pikachu available after the introduction of genders could be male or female, with the exception of Detective Pikachu which can only encountered as male (likely to reflect the gender of the [[Detective Pikachu (character)|character]] it's based on). All event Pikachu released before the introduction of genders have had re-releases since genders were introduced and are therefore available as female.
The "Winter" variants are currently unreleased.