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When the Rotom Pokédex is idle, the screen usually shows a map. In this view, the map stays centered on the [[player]]'s immediate area. The player's location is marked by a smiley face icon, with an arrow indicating the direction the player is facing. If the player is inside a building or certain locations (such as [[Ten Carat Hill]]), however, the map will remain stationary no matter where the player moves and therewill isnot nodisplay a directional arrow. During the main story, a red flag may also appear, indicating a place the player is supposed to go.
If the player taps the map, the screen's view broadens to show a larger map akin to [[Town Map]]s in other games. In this broader view, the top screen shows an overview of the whole [[Alola]] region, while the bottom screen focuses on an individual island. If the player moves the map's cursor over different areas on the island, the top screen will show a snapshot of the area, a description of the area, and a list of landmarks within it. The player can scroll between the islands using the L and R Buttons and can zoom in using the Y Button. This view also marks the location of any [[Pokémon Center]] the player has visited with an icon.
The broad map is also used when the player uses [[Poké Ride|Charizard Glide]]. In this mode, all places that the player can fly to are marked by wing icons.
The island maps (from the lower screen of the broad map) are also used when the player views a Pokémon's habitat from its [[Pokédex]] entry.
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