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* After completing the trial:
:''"And that's another trial under your belt, kid! Let'zzz head back to Malie Garden. Hopefully the prof won't be too hard to find this time..."''
;Malie Garden
* After defeating Guzma
:''"I thought Guzma was going to bust me up, too! What a bully... Well, let'zzz not dwell on it! C'mon, kid, we've got Route 11 to explore!"''
;Route 11
* After the Trial Guide opens the gate
:''"Route 12! Think you can catch all the Pokémon here, buddy?"''
* After Hapu registers Mudsdale Gallop in the Ride Pager
:''"Let'zzz go for a wild romp on the Mudsdale Hapu gave us!"''
* After Gladion and Hau leave
:''"Hey, <player>, when he said Cosmog, he meant Nebby, right? Zzzzzrt, I hope Lillie and Nebby aren't in trouble."''
;[[Tapu Village]]
* After Dulse and Zossie leave
:''"That mysteriouzzz duo again...What's with all that about light being stolen? Reminds me of what happened in front of the professor's laboratory."''
;[[Aether House]]
* After Acerola reveals she's the Trial Captain
:''"Here I thought the Aether House would be a quiet place... Boy, wazzz I wrong!"''
* After Lillie is saved and Acerola leaves
:''"Come on, kid! Let's follow Captain Acerola to the next trial site!"''
* After Acerola explains her trial
:''"Man, I'm glad you're with me, <player>... This place is all kindzzz of creepy..."''
* After clearing the trial
:''"Another trial cleared and completed! Zzt-zzt! And I helped out, right? Right? Anyway, let'zzz head back to the Aether House!"''
;Aether House
* After the player is directed to Po Town
:''"Bzzt-zzt-zzt... Those Team Skull goons are more terrifying than Ghost-type Pokémon..."''
;Route 15
* After [[Grimsley]] registers Sharpedo Jet in the Ride Pager
:''"I...I guess we don't have a choizzze... We need to head to Po Town on Sharpedo's back!"''
;[[Po Town]]
* After the Team Skull Grunts at the barricade taunt the player
:''"The place izzz crawling with Team Skull Grunts! Zzzzzt... Those guys freak me out..."''
* After defeating the Team Skull Grunts at the barricade
:''"The Team Skull boss... He's hiding somewhere here in Po Town, isn't he? Zzzzzzrt..."''
;[[Shady House]]
* After successfully giving all three passwords and the correct final response
:''"Hey, good job on the quizzz, kid! I admit I had no idea what to say... S-so, now all we need to do is find the boss in Po Town... Zzt..."''
* After defeating Guzma and he leaves
:''"Zzzzounds, <player>! You're quite some Trainer to defeat that Guzma! Good job, buddy!"''
;Po Town
* After Acerola and Nanu leave
:''"Good job rescuing that Yungoos, kiddo! C'mon, let'zzz head back to the Aether House!"''
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