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==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Lana Brionne Surf.png|250px|thumb|left|Sandy riding {{TP|Lana|Brionne}}'s {{m|Surf}} wave]]
Sandy is adventurous and gluttonous, traits that often got it into trouble, such as when it ate a Houndour's food without permission, angering the Houndour into chasing it off. Sandy is also extremely playful, like when it enjoyed falling into the ocean after falling off Mantine when it was [[Mantine Surf]]ing. However, it is also easily scared as well, such as when it ran from a Houndour and later when it found itself lost at sea.
Sandy is particularly playful towards new Pokémon, but prone to roughhousing in the process, greeting friends old and new with a hearty {{m|Tackle}}. As a result, it tends to get into trouble. In {{DL|Where Are You Going, Eevee?|Episode 4|the fourth episode}} of the segment, it chased after a {{p|Wimpod}} despite it actually being scared. In {{DL|Where Are You Going, Eevee?|Episode 5|the fifth episode}} of the segment, Sandy cuddled a {{p|Pyukumuku}}, inadvertently angering it into attacking.
[[File:Lana and Sandy.png|250px|thumb|left|Sandy and Lana]]
Sandy and {{TP|Lana|Primarina}}, while it was a Popplio, quickly became best friends after meeting each other, and Sandy appears to look up to it like an older sibling. In ''[[SM106|Evolving Research!]]'', it was seen enthusiastically mimicking Popplio as it was training with [[Ida]]'s {{p|Primarina}}, singing along with the master and its disciple. It even became friends with the Pokémon owned by its Trainer's friends. Sandy quickly became loyal to Lana and bonded with her right away, after she helped protect it from Team Skull.