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Ash's Butterfree

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Ash's Butterfree has since appeared in the tenth opening for the anime, [[Spurt!]], along with its mate, the pink Butterfree. However, it has not returned in any episodes since its last appearance. Ash has, however, flashed back to having it several times, such as in ''[[DP080|The Thief That Keeps on Thieving!]]'', ''[[DP099|A Trainer and Child Reunion!]]'', ''[[BW130|Butterfree and Me!]]'', and ''[[SM042|Alola, Kanto!]]''.
===Personality and characteristics===
[[File:Ash Butterfree Goodbye BW130.png|thumb|250px|Butterfree and Ash]]
As a Caterpie, it had a very happy but shy attitude, shown to suffer from low self-esteem if it didn't make a good first impression. He was very hurt when Misty didn't take to it. It was also very brave, squaring up against a Pidgeotto and then both of Team Rocket's Pokémon single-handedly. Its personality mellowed as a Metapod, becoming very laidback, but remained extremely loyal to its Trainer, jumping in front of a Beedrill to save him. As Butterfree, its personality was similar to that of Caterpie, retaining its bravery and positive attitude, but as was seen in ''Bye-Bye Butterfree'', its self-esteem still suffered when it didn't make a good first impression.